Creating a Framework for Literacy Instruction

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As educators, we are always learning more about teaching literacy. We know that right now, research from many disciplines is impacting our field and changing the way we all think about teaching reading. It’s huge. It’s exciting. And it’s challenging. This research offers us new possibilities for reflecting on our practices and for improving the ways we support growing readers. It invites us to rethink our frameworks for literacy instruction.

As a learning organization, Link Education Project’s Literacy Framework is always a work in progress. Our most recent version uses simple language to capture the work teachers do in classrooms every day to grow skilled, curious, and joyful readers. It brings together the elements of Scarborough’s Reading Rope, important aspects of writing instruction, and an emphasis on oral language as the foundation for reading. It can be used as a tool for teachers and administrators to guide their thinking around classroom practices, resources and supports. We’d love to hear your feedback about our framework. What works? What’s missing? How does it compare to the framework you currently use?

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