Those of us in the field of education know that systemic, sustainable change for schools takes comprehensive, on-site support that empowers all members of the school community to collaborate, learn, and lead their school on a path to success.

Link consultants work closely with teachers and administrators at school and district levels, forming relationships that foster success for all.

Link’s services for schools include:

Needs-Assesment and Goal-Setting

Need Assessment and Goal-setting

Link’s commitment to growth begins with analyzing a district’s strengths, needs, structures, and goals. Through conversations with district and school leaders, school tours, and review of district records, Link begins a process of data collection that culminates in a co-created, strategic plan of action for the partnership. This plan drives Link’s work in the schools.

Collaboration and Team-Building

Collaboration and Team-Building

Building collaborative relationships at all levels is integral to Link’s work in schools. Collaboration empowers administrators, teachers, and teams to learn together in a way that maximizes the unique strengths each brings to the group. Link models “true professional collaboration” in all interactions with staff, and serves as the voice of collaboration in planning and facilitation.


On-Site Professional Development

On-Site Professional Development

Link provides high quality professional development for teachers that is in-line with district goals, and focused on building strong classroom communities and effective literacy instruction. Professional development may be delivered at the district level, to roll out new initiatives or new materials, or for teachers new to the district. It can also be carried out at the school level as a follow up to district work, or to support school goals and programs.

Study Groups for Teachers

Study Groups

When learning takes place in a small, focused group, it builds collaboration as well as knowledge. Link study groups for teachers and staff provide intense study of a topic that has been selected by the group and that is linked to school goals. Participants experience research, collaboration, implementation and reflection, all of which lead to deep learning.


Individual Coaching and Consultation

Individual Coaching and Consultation

Although it is true that some of the most productive work happens in teams, there are occasions when one-on-one consultation and coaching is invaluable. Link consultants will meet individually with a teacher or administrator, to allow for more focused, individual learning.

In-Classroom Modeling

Sometimes we just have to see it to understand it. For these visual learners, Link provides in-classroom modeling of strategies for teachers. After an initial consultation with the teacher, the pair will select a strategy that the Link consultant will model in that teacher’s classroom, enabling the teacher to “see it in action” with his or her students. Next steps might include team-teaching, or an observation, coupled with feedback from Link.