[row] [span12] The community in which a school is located is a stakeholder in its success, and can serve as a tremendous resource for staff and families, alike.  Link recognizes this role, and is dedicated to engaging the communities of its partner school districts in several different ways, including:
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Community Partnerships

Link forms partnerships with local organizations in the Cleveland area.  Together, they create opportunities to blend their collective resources, skills and experiences to positively affect schools within the community.

Social Enterprise Relationships

There are many agencies serving our community for whom a partnership with Link is not a fiscal possibility.  Through its mission of supporting such agencies, Link is able to offer them the opportunity to benefit from its resources and expertise.

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Using Local Talent

Interactions among school, home and community create stronger relationships and contribute to a local sense of pride.  They also showcase the talents of the local community.  Link features community members as guest speakers in its programs, and Parent Book Clubs have read titles by local authors.  These authors have – in turn – visited the Book Club to share in the discussion.

Patronizing Local Vendors

Link has formed relationships with several local vendors and retailers, and utilizes them, where possible, in carrying out its programs.  Current providers include local bookstores and restaurants.