Current Projects

We are a local organization
supporting local schools.

We take on a limited number of projects each year so that we can fully commit to the work.  Each project requires getting to know school culture, connecting to all stakeholders, and developing programming tailored to the needs of the project.  

Mentor Public

In partnership with the Mentor Public Schools since 2013, Link will continue working with teachers, principals and coaches on-site at the district’s elementary schools through study groups, team meetings, and in-classroom support.

Link’s work in Mentor promotes a district-wide approach to comprehensive literacy and student-centered instruction, while building sustainability through work with district  prinicipals and coaches.  We are thrilled to coninue this successful partnership and look forward to a productive year with Mentor teachers, administrators and staff! 

Slavic Village

Link Education Project with Slavic Village Schools

In partnership with Third Federal Foundation, Link is facilatating a Parent Leadership Team in Cleveland’s Slavic Village.  Now in its fourth year, the team includes parents from Mound, Willow, Fullerton, Warner and Miles Park Elementary Schools in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.  This program develops parents as leaders in their school, enabling them to serve as a resource for other parents, and strengthens the link among parents, school and the greater community.  

Bedford City School District

Link is proud to be working with Bedford teachers and administrators around implementing new literacy practices in K-12.  Link has been supporting the district, as teachers  at the primary, intermediate, middle and high schools continue to build their expertise in reading instruction.  Link and district leaders are creating and implementing a plan to develop literacy leadership across the district.  The instructional focus in K-6 is on guided reading, while the focus for middle and high school is on building content knowledge through strategic reading.  

Play House

Link Education Project and Cleveland Play House

We are proud to have the opportunity to work with the Cleveland Play House’s Teaching Artists as they work in Cleveland classrooms promoting literacy through the arts.  The Cleveland Play House Care Program (Compassionate Arts Remaking Education) combines emotional expression with literacy learning. Through professional development, we help teaching artists connect theatre arts experiences to ELA goals of the schools and district  We support them as they incorporate literacy into the theatre program, building confidence and skills for students through the arts.  

What to expect when you work with us

First, we support a partner school or district to help them clarify and communicate a goal.

Then, together we create a plan of action with the school that addresses what will happen at the administrative level, the teacher level, the student level, and /or the parent level.  

Finally, we embed ourselves into the district to support the work.  We facilitate meetings, model strategies, coach educators, provide resources, and coordinate programs.


Contact us to schedule an exploratory meeting to see if your project is a Link Education Project.