Current Projects

We are a local organization
supporting local schools.

We take on a limited number of projects each year so that we can fully commit to the work.  Each project requires getting to know school culture, connecting to all stakeholders, and developing programming tailored to the needs of the project.  

Bedford City School District

Link’s partnership with Bedford continues this year with projects at the primary, intermediate, and middle schools, as well as with a new parent book club. Through study groups, team meetings, and support in classrooms, we support the implementation of literacy practices aligned to the science of reading.

Cleveland Metropolitan School District

We are proud to have the opportunity to work with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to connect innovative parent engagement initiatives to the goals of each school. 

Currently, we partner with Mary B. Martin Elementary School where we are building a Parent Leadership Team.  Additionally, we support student leadership through the Student Ambassador Program which develops leadership, school pride and positive student engagement. 

The Welsh Academy

Adolescence is a strange and wonderful time, full of change and opportunity. The Families in the Middle study group at The Welsh Academy is designed specifically to support families of young adolescent boys as their children undergo this period of incredible growth and transformation. Families explore topics related to adolescent development – physical, psychological, social, emotional and cognitive, and discover new ways to connect with their increasingly independent children. The opportunity to share experiences and exchange ideas with other families is be a key component of this group.  

Painesville City Local Schools

We are proud to have the opportunity to work with the Painesville City Local Schools supporting strong literacy instruction across the whole district. This year we are working with the leadership team to develop a literacy plan based on the science of reading. 

What to expect when you work with us

First, we support a partner school or district to help them clarify and communicate a goal.

Then, together we create a plan of action with the school that addresses what will happen at the administrative level, the teacher level, the student level, and /or the parent level.  

Finally, we embed ourselves into the district to support the work.  We facilitate meetings, model strategies, coach educators, provide resources, and coordinate programs.


Contact us to schedule an exploratory meeting to see if your project is a Link Education Project.